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Monday, June 13, 2011

Krassas: Hyperlink

While reading this article i noticed how krassas talked about the positioning of men and women in magazine articles. I went through the magazines i had in my own house and noticed that this was true for most of the articles that showed both men and women. The men were always positioned at a higher angle than the woman as if the woman was inferior to the man. Krassas also talked about the way magazine articles depict men and women. Women are always shown with little to no clothes on while men usually are fully clothed. They may show some skin but not nearly as much as women. I googled some maxim magazine covers and all of them had a women posed very sexy and wearing very little clothes. Here is the link to these maxim images .
    I also found an interesting article that related to this article and some other things we discussed in class such as christiansen, about the way women are depicted in the media compared to how men are depicted. this article titled Females as Sex Symbols in the Media talks about how women are always portrayed as weak and can't do anything except be beautiful and sexy. Although it was a little confusing to understand the exact methods in Krassas study i did get the main point which was that women are mostly shown as subordinate to men in magazines especially in Maxim magazine! Below is a video of a maxim magazine photo shoot. The women are barely wearing any clothes and every pose is a sexy pose. never are they posed as strong or smart.


  1. Women are so often portrayed as weak/sexy/passive that life begins to imitate art.

  2. I think it is so demenaing to women how we are portrayed in the media.